How to Insert & Remove your Contact lenses Safely

For all those contact lens wearers out there, and also for any aspiring contact lens wearers, here are some important steps to take before inserting and removing your lenses.

ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them well with a paper towel. Do not let any water get in contact with your lenses.

Set up the area were you are going to put on your lenses. If you are wearing your lenses over a sink, make sure you close this with a sink plug, so you will not lose any lens if it falls.

If you are wearing daily contact lenses like Dailies Aquacomfort Plus or Dailies Total 1, you can open the lens pack and insert (as easy as that), and for monthly Lenses, such as Air Optix or bi-weekly lenses like Acuvue 2 or  Oasys, open your lens case and insert the lenses.

You can view the video on how to insert lenses below.

You must now empty the solution from the case, rinse the case with solution, and ideally leave to air dry face down.

Before removing your lenses, again make sure you have washed your hands well. With Daily lenses, you can remove and dispose of the lenses.

For Monthly or Bi- weekly lenses, you should remove your lenses, then Rub and Rinse the lenses with a multi-purpose contact lens solution such as Renu or Opti-free after which you can put your lenses in the case with more solution and store them, ready for them to be worn again.

Ensure that you dispose of your lenses in an environmentally friendly manner and ALWAYS when they are due, it is very important that contact lenses are never worn beyond the 2 week or monthly period once they are opened.

Here is a short video clip on how to remove your lenses.