Keeping in focus

Spring is in the air… or at least that is what the calendar is telling us.  I wouldn’t really know because like you I am stuck at home juggling work, children and household chores.  But …the calendar does not lie, Argh! But how can I look forward to spring when I can’t even look ahead? I hear you ask… lock down, quarantine, no shops, no hair dressers, no salons… it is getting to us.  At least we can solve one problem.  There is no need to ration your contact lenses.  No… I am not suggesting that you break quarantine or take an additional trip to the shops. 

At Eyeland Opticians we have you covered.   Contact lens delivery for everyone in Malta.  Not only is the delivery free of charge, but we will also offer you a discount of 10 percent.  There is no minimal order, so don’t worry if you prefer to use monthly lenses but are running out of cleansing solutions – we have you covered there too.  Just click on the link below to  Not seeing your preferred product?  Not a problem – just chat with us and we will do our best to find a solution.   Stay positive and stay strong we will get over this and the future will be bright, and rest assured… as the sky brightens up we will do our best to have a selection of sunglasses to protect your eyes…. until the happy times when we are free to go out and can welcome you back in our shops.